Lynette Thomas

Lynette Thomas is a native New Yorker who worked in the New York paper industry, where she supervised the advertisement department. She later went on to work on Wall Street, working with numerous important clients. Having majored in early childhood education, she later started to feel the call of working with children which she continued until she left to be a full-time Mom to 3 incredible human beings and a wife to an amazing husband who is a full-time successful musician, who travels the world. As a Mom, she used all she had learned in her years of employment in educating children in the classrooms to teach and nurture her children’s own. Later when her son was diagnosed with Autism, it was only natural to seek out all of the information she could find to help her care for her son. She believes that her strong faith in the Lord led her to helpful information that created a passion in her to share what she had learned in the area of Caregiving.

Jasmine Burke-Williams

Jasmine Burke-Williams is a Singer and Tutor. She has been singing since childhood and she became a Tutor in 2008 when she began teaching Elementary school. She sings for 3Angels Voice of Hope Prayerline and at various church events. She is a proud graduate of New England College of Finance, now Cambridge College and Emmanuel College. She was inspired to sing at a very young age by her wonderful grandmother who woke her and her siblings 5am every morning for worship. For many years she sang as a soloist and was paid to sing at Braintree Seventh Day Adventist church annual Christmas concert. Over the years she has been paid to sing at weddings and funerals. In the 1990’s she was a soprano in the Berea Seventh Day Adventist Church Inspirational Choir which was apart of the Festival of Choirs competition in Ohio. She was also apart of a group called the Rainbow Singers in the 1980’s.

Her passion is to sing and tutor underprivileged students in various subjects especially Reading. Her goals are to one day have an album, have an online tutoring business and a healthy unique juicing business.

Sarita Johnson,

Sarita Johnson, author of “Focus on Healing…”Have you been hurt, bruised or broken?
The messages I will share are intended to aid in the emotional healing of bruised and broken spirits. You may experience an emotional journey, one that may help to expand your awareness of life and of Emotional Healing. It is the author’s hope that you can become emotionally uplifted and able to inspire and encourage others.

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Yvonne Evans

Hi everyone, My name is Yvonne Evans. Most of my friends call me sister Evans, sister Yvonne or sister ‘E’ I accepted Jesus at a very tender age in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Prayer and Bible study are my strengths in this life, because God is the source of my life. He is my everything. I depend on Him every day to see me through. I love all people and my goal is to see all of us accept Jesus as our Saviour and King.

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Stephanie Morgan

Stephanie Morgan Certified Health and Wellness Coach Biographical Sketch Stephanie is a highly dedicated graduate of the prestigious Institutional Integrative of Nutrition, where she earned her certification as a Health Coach. She operates in the vibrant District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia area, bringing her passion for health and wellness to the forefront. With a profound commitment to improving lives, Stephanie’s focus revolves around the vital components of well-being. She specializes in crafting holistic solutions that encompass the realms of nutrition, stress management, and relaxation, empowering individuals to embrace healthier, more fulfilling lives. What truly sets Stephanie apart is her unwavering dedication to her clients. She firmly believes that the path to optimal health is a personal journey, and as such, she tailors her coaching approach to cater to the unique needs and aspirations of each individual. Stephanie places a premium on building strong, trusting coaching relationships

Contessa Beckford

Contessa Beckford is a scholar, health and wellness professional, writer, and entrepreneur. She has obtained a Bachelor’s of Science and Masters of Public Health. Born to immigrant parents, she learned the importance of positive self-identification and how it directly correlates to personal growth and success. In addition to her academics, Contessa is passionate about health from a holistic vantage point and fitness, which led her to become a life/nutrition coach, and a group fitness instructor. She is a staunch believer that life is truly a precious gift and as a result, has dedicated her life to educating others and helping them along their life journey to achieving greatness.

Rochelle Wolberg

 Curator/Director, Mounts Botanical Garden, West Palm Beach, Florida     Previously, School Psychologist, Palm Beach Day Academy, where she spearheaded the Lower School’s Museum Partnership Program   Served as a member of the Palm Beach State College’s Horticultural Advisory Committee and Palm Beach County’s Public Safety Cross-Department Team   P.D, School Psychology and M.S.Ed., Education Psychology, Fordham University

Joan D. Smith, RN MSN

I was born in Jamaica West indies in the cool hills of East Rural St. Andrew; I am number four of 10 siblings. My upbringing was simple, and fun filled, where the love for Christ was ingrained at home by both parents who were Seventh Day Adventists.
My career choice was not a difficult decision to make; as I was taught early to love people unconditionally and not things.
I am the proud mother of three adult children, and six grandchildren.