Meet Anthia Wint

When the sky shoots at a time, it shoots the brightest of the stars.

Anthia Wint is a bright star that the sky has generously offered to our generation. Anthia Wint is an Herbal Therapist, a specialist in herbal medicines, a life coach, an affirmation instructor, and the author of several bestselling books.

Anthia Wint is a humanitarian. A kind-hearted philanthropist who has done numerous charity work in within America and beyond. She is adding value to her community with her knowledge and expertise.

This has made her one of the nominees for the 2023 Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, a special award for outstanding individuals in the United States who have done great work for their community and abroad.

She is a seasoned researcher and writer of several herbal medicine books.

She has over twelve books to her name, some of which are:

Natural Remedies For Beginners

How to Maintain Healthy Weight Loss in 30 Days

Herbal Beauty: Organic Methods To Revive Your Skin

Herbal Remedies For The Human Heart

Right Food Better: A Guide To Healthy Diet

How To Care For The Eyes With Natural Herbs

Nutrition And Herbal Tips For Pregnant Women, and many others.

You can get any of these books on her store.

Anthia Wint is an entrepreneur. She specializes in the herbal medicine industry.

She founded Finest Herbal Shop, an online store that sells her organic herbal remedies and skin care products;
HolisticChase, a learning platform for students of herbal medicine;
Wellness Club, a community that improves members’ health through customized health tips, herbal remedies, or recipes, consultation, and seminar; Herbal Consultation and Events, Anthia holds consultation, seminar and conference for individuals, groups, and organizations where she educates her audience on herbal life and medicine.

Anthia Wint is a lover of nature. She admired the wonder of nature and herbs from childhood, and her father influenced and encouraged her to discover her potential to change the world with the power of herbs.
The experience of the death of her son on December 13, 2017, likewise awakened her to realize her role in this world. She channeled the pain of this experience to ensure humanity becomes better.